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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


 Islam will be the Savior and the Central Power of the Future World


Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickramasinhe's speech at the 100th anniversary of ACJU (All Ceylon Jameeyathul Ulama) in Jan 2023.

“You might remember the start in 1922 when the world was undergoing a vast transformation after World War One, which included the abolition of the caliphate. And there was in India a big movement to restore the caliphate. But in Sri Lanka, you also form the ACJU at the same time as to what was going to be the single Muslim thought and not theology which is the debate that has gone on.

So today you are still faced with some of the issues that were there at that time. Firstly, we are in a different world with about 150 nations that were not there in 1922. We are in a different century with the development of science and technology and the development of political rights. It is in this background that we have to look at the future of Muslims in Sri Lanka.” – (From the Speech of Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickramasinhe at the event 100th anniversary of ACJU)


Islam is being alienated from its true essence from humanity after the fall of Ottoman Caliphate (Uthmani Khilafah) in 1924. From the emergence of Prophet Muhammad (saw) as the head of the State of Medina in the 7th century to the golden age of the world to Suleiman the Magnificent and until the fall of Ottoman Caliphate it was indeed Islam which served entirely in the affairs of the life of humanity for over 13 centuries. The true essence of Islam is its creed, that states “There is none worthy of worship but Allah and Prophet Mohammed (saw) is His messenger”. It’s the acceptance of the Creator as the master of the universe including the affairs of humanity, hence all of man’s life affairs (i.e. problems) can be solved by adhering to the limits prescribed by the Creator, Allah (swt) and demonstrated by the beloved Messenger Prophet Muhammad (saw) to implement them in the affairs of the humankind.

After WW1 and the fall of Ottoman Caliphate in 1924 changed the power balance of the world. It was nothing but the removal of Islam from the life affairs of the humanity. It was the biggest catastrophic calamity made by enemies of humankind. It has been 99 years (CE) since. The world has faced in these 99 years that it had not seen before 1924, when the protector of humanity, the Caliph of Muslims, existed in the world. Nobody can reject it. Nobody can reject what the colonizers did and still do in this world, in Africa, Central Asia, Asia and East Asia. They colonized (read plundered) these nations, their wealth, their resources, the people (of all faiths), and did not leave any living creature to its own will. Then they said they gave them their freedom. But they have colonized them with their minds. In other words, they forcefully taught others to think according to their way of life. They installed their own puppets as rulers and rule with what they taught to rule.

The President’s lament about the loss of 75 years in turmoil was no handiwork of the Caliphate in action, rather the hegemony of America and Europe on the former colonies at work. The hegemony that did not generate peace nor prosperity anywhere, leave alone Sri Lanka. Today humankind as a whole with whatever religious value left behind are threatened by Western Capitalism and not Islam. 100 years of world led by Western Capitalism has given the world systematic drain of wealth to less than 1% of the population, over 25000 people die out of hunger every day, death and displacement (due to wars) that has not happened in the last few thousand years combined, breakdown of social values, breakdown of the sanctity of matrimony between man and woman that results in the continuation of humankind. The report card of West led capitalism is far too evident for a man of such stature to miss! True, religion may have become a tool in some cases to violate the inviolable, but one should only scratch the surface of such events to realize that behind those events were ‘democratic forces’ playing with vote banks, just as a fool who plays with fire.

‘Secularism’ appears and appeals to draw a line of equality across all religions by keeping all religious value outside life’s affairs. It assumes moral high ground to set limits for humankind by majority rule, although they are mostly shaped by political interests that represent the capitalists, lobbyists or the votebanks. Inability to deal with limits for mankind have assumed such flawed moral high ground for ‘secularism’. The outcome of this assumption does not have to be predicted for future, but can be looked behind 50 to 100 years. True indeed, the absence of the Khilafah ruling system in the Muslim world have meant that the hyenas are out to devour.

The Khilafah ruling system, that was painfully abolished by Mustafa Kemal coincides with the recent conference. Muslims must realize that the Khilafah ruling system is never to be equated with any other ruling system in the world regardless of whether they are Democratic, Dictatorship, Kingship or the like. Muslims’ obligation to appoint a Khaleefah (Caliph) as a successor of the Prophet (saw), in ruling, is to ensure that the limits of Allah (swt) are held high on the citizens of the Khilafah state (Muslims and others) and as a beacon of laws that brings prosperity in this world and the Hereafter. The one (Muslim) who believes in it and lives under the Shariah enjoys the peace and tranquillity of this world and the Hereafter. The one who does not believe in it but lives under the Shariah will at least enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this world and consciously loose the Hereafter – as a matter of their choice, after paying Jizya. Indeed the one, whether Muslim or not, who yearns to live under ‘secularism’ loses peace and tranquillity in this world and the Hereafter under the mirage of freedom.

O Muslims of the Noble Ummah, hasten your efforts to resume the Khilafah ruling system in the Muslim world so the hyenas of the world are caged and diminished from devouring peace. The Khilafah system once was beacon of peace, prosperity and progress for it aspired to implement the systems of Allah (swt) on earth. Does it not deserve to return to humankind?

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Abdallah Afwas

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