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The Kenyan Presidential Elections


(The Kenyan opposition leader, Odinga, on Monday, 22/8/2022, submitted a formal appeal to the Supreme Court over the results of the presidential elections won by his opponent, William Ruto, the outgoing vice president. The Associated Press reported that Odinga submitted this morning the objection papers to the Supreme Court which must respond within 14 days according to the law.” (Anadolu Agency, 22/8/2022). On 15/8/2022, he announced that William Ruto had defeated his opponent Odinga by a narrow margin in the presidential elections that took place in Kenya on 9/8/2022... In this election campaign, former President Kenyatta appeared to oppose his deputy, William Ruto, and support his opponent, leader of the opposition Odinga after the reconciliation that took place between them. Was this a game by Kenyatta to show that he supports his opponent Odinga and opposes his deputy, Ruto, in order to secure a victory for his deputy against his opponent? What is the secret of America's moves towards Kenya? Is there a conflict between it and Britain?


To clarify the answer to the above questions, we will outline the following matters:

1- Our interest in Kenya is that it is part of the Horn of Africa region, which is considered an Islamic region of strategic and economic importance. The majority of the people of the region are Muslims and were ruled by Islam. These countries are linked to each other and most of them fell under the rule of the British colonialism. Kenya was linked to the Muslim Sultan of Zanzibar until it fell under British colonial rule at the end of the nineteenth century. Although Kenya gained independence since the end of 1963, it was just a formality, as its affiliation with Britain appears through agents. Its successive rule was carried out by British agents; from Jomo Kenyatta since formal independence until 1978, to Daniel arap Moi until 2002, to Mwai Kibaki until 2013, till it came to Uhuru Kenyatta, son of the first president, Jomo Kenyatta. And he won again in the elections of 2017. Britain manufactures agents from fathers to sons and at the hands of puppet rulers who do not empower anyone unless he is an agent of their shape, form subordinates and of loyalty to the colonizer itself.

2- America was able to win agents from the opposition, especially Odinga, whose tribe is the third tribe in the country, and for this reason the country has begun to witness a political colonial conflict that takes on a tribal character. Its parties are considered tribal, and they gain the support of its followers in general. Tribal affiliation is the link between members of a single party. Whenever elections were held, blood was spilled in protest of their results, in favour of the son of the tribe. William Ruto, the new president who declared victory in the recent elections, is from the Kalenjin tribes to which former President Daniel arap Moi belongs. Ruto prides himself on being a student of this former president, having joined his party since 1992.

3- The official results were announced, with Roto winning by a narrow margin, receiving 50.5%, while Odinga received 48.8% of the vote. It is noticed that there is a split in the High Elections Commission, and the head of the electoral commission, Wafula Chibukati, said: "We have made the journey to ensure that Kenyans have free, fair and credible elections, and it has not been an easy journey," while his deputy, Juliana Cherera, said, "We cannot adopt the results that will be announced, due to the opaque nature of this last phase of the general election" (BBC 15/8/2022). Four of the seven members of the electoral commission itself refused to recognize these results, raising suspicions of fraud. There were demonstrations protesting the results. Odinga said: “For the avoidance of doubt, I would like to repeat that we completely and unreservedly reject the presidential results announced yesterday by Mr. Chibukati” (Anadolu 16/8/2022) and he submitted a formal appeal to the Supreme Court. The Associated Press of America stated that "Odinga submitted this morning (22/8/2022) the objection papers to the Supreme Court, which must respond within 14 days according to the law." If the court accepts the appeal, the elections will be repeated within 60 days according to the law, and this is not unexpected, to silence the opposition because the difference is very small between the two parties, and because the Elections Committee is divided, and so that no violent acts and turmoil of ominous consequences takes place, it gives the opposition hope in winning the run-off if it is announced, or an agreement on a conciliatory statement between the two parties is reached to give Odinga the premiership after its announcement again!

4- As usual, the opposition claims there is a rig in the elections when it loses it, especially in Kenya when this opposition is American and the winner is from the British agents. The opposite happens in other countries controlled by the agents of America. Because every team wants to win in any way and uses their influence when they are in charge. In the 2007 elections, each side claimed to have won the elections. Clashes began between the two sides of the conflict, and blood flowed, about 1,200 people were killed, and hundreds of thousands were displaced from their homes due to tribal attacks. But in this case, the English shrewdness played a role in stopping the opposition, so it set a trap by giving Odinga the position of prime minister and Kibaki remained head of state, with all the powers in his hand, and put obstacles in the exercise of the powers of the prime minister. But Kenyatta, who declared victory in the 2013 elections, abolished the post of prime minister to take sole power.

In the 2017 elections, the opposition claimed that there was rigging and demanded the Supreme Court to repeat the elections. The elections were repeated in October 2017, the opposition boycotted it, and Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, were declared the winners. Knowing that former US President Barack Obama intervened in the matter as he is of Kenyan origin! He called for calm and acceptance of the results of the elections, because he knew that if the elections were held, the British agents would win again, because they still control the state. He wanted the rulers of Kenya to indebted to him so that his influence on them would become stronger and thus strengthen America's influence in Kenya and exercise pressures so that their future agents can become rulers. But Britain with its agents play games every time in order to maintain its threatened influence in Kenya. Its agent Kenyatta played the role of befriending the American agent, Odinga and allowed its agent Ruto win.

5- It is the fifth time that Raila Odinga announces his candidacy for the presidential elections and contests it and loses in it. He previously ran four times in 1997, 2007, 2013 and 2017, but the English agents who control the political scene in Kenya did not enable him to win. He had hoped to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta, whose two terms have expired and cannot run for a third term under the constitution. Odinga and Salih Kenyatta shook hands on 9/3/2018, after months of bloody clashes between their supporters, and not recognizing Kenyatta's victory and declaring himself president of Kenya. With this handshake, they announced the end of the divisions between them and recognition of Kenyatta's presidency. Odinga praised Kenyatta for "his sense of patriotism in initiating the dialogue that led to the handshake." And some thought that they had reached an agreement deal stipulating that Odinga would succeed Kenyatta, or that Odinga has turned into a British agent! But Kenyatta and the British agents were not deceived by this reconciliation, but rather they used it to their advantage. Kenyatta played a game during the election campaign by showing that he supported Odinga, saying "Ruto does not deserve and should not take the highest office in the country”. Ruto replied, "Kenyatta wants Odinga to succeed him because he wants a puppet president" (BCC 16/8/2022).

6- It is known that the Ruto’s party merged with the Kenyatta party when they agreed in 2012. Their ruling party, the Jubilee Party, then expanded to be formed from the merging of 11 parties on 8/9/2016 to run in the 2017 elections and was headed by Kenyatta after it was a political alliance in 2013 to support Kenyatta in his election campaign. Ruto was an ally and deputy in both periods, and he was a supporter of the old English agent, former President Daniel arap Moi. He was mobilizing young people for his support, so he won his approval and began to promote him in government positions. He has held ministerial positions as Minister of the Interior, Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Higher Education. The International Criminal Court accused him, along with Kenyatta, of committing crimes in 2007 and 2008, and they were acquitted by the European-controlled court. Kenyatta was acquitted in 2014 and Ruto was acquitted in 2016 to run together in the 2017 elections and announce their victory in them, with Kenyatta as president and Ruto as his deputy. For this reason, Ruto is one of the well-established agents of the English, it is not expected that he will be dispensed with so easily and replaced by Odinga, the agent of America, according to that agreement, unless it is a deception orchestrated by the cunning of the English!

7- Kenyatta visited Britain between 26-29/7/2021 and met with Prime Minister Johnson and announced that the objective of the visit was to "strengthen the strategic partnership between Kenya and Britain". The two parties signed a new five-year defence cooperation agreement. He announced that the agreement aims to "strengthen and supports cooperation between the two countries in facing common security challenges in East Africa" (BBC). Britain did not do as America did and raised the issue of the Pandora Documents, Human Rights issues and corruption issues when Kenyatta visited it, because of his loyalty and subordination to it! Note that Britain has two military bases in Kenya under an agreement between the two countries, one of which is close to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, and its mission is to help stabilize governance in Kenya for the benefit of British influence and move from it to other areas to protect this influence, and the other is in northern Kenya whose mission is to train British forces that are preparing to fight in desert and semi-desert areas. British forces train in a land area equal to four times what the British army uses in its country with live weapons and ammunition that simulate a real war situation. Media reports said that British forces that fought in Afghanistan had been trained at this base in Kenya. That is why America attaches another importance to Kenya because of the presence of these British bases, as it is working to eliminate it from there.

8- It seems that Britain, during Kenyatta’s visit to it, asked him to arrange a visit to America to show his closeness to America and to confirm reconciliation with Odinga so that America would not in the future carry out acts of “disruption” for the upcoming elections.

Therefore, the planning was to visit America, which was about two months after his visit to Britain. On 14/10/2021, US President Biden received Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is the first African president to be received by the American president. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the two presidents would discuss “the strong U.S.-Kenyan bilateral relationship and the need to bring transparency and accountability to domestic and international financial systems”.

Kenyatta's name was mentioned in the "Pandora Documents" investigation conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which stated that Kenyatta, who affirms his determination to fight corruption, he and six members of his family secretly own a network of 11 offshore companies, one of which owns shares valued at thirty million dollars. In response to this information, Psaki added, "The president has long denounced the asymmetries (abuses) in the international financial system.

This does not mean that we will not meet the people with whom we disagree. There are a number of issues that we have an interest in working on with Kenya and that will be the main objective (of the meeting between the two presidents). The two presidents will discuss efforts to defend democracy and human rights, advance peace and security, accelerate economic growth and deal with climate change” (France 14/10/2021). America tried to use pressure papers on Kenyatta to announce his support for its candidate Odinga, and he did so and it appeared that he was in favour of Odinga, but this support was not serious, rather hypocritical in order to cover his scandals, so that America would not stir them up and defame him. It was difficult for him to run for a third term. America showed its opposition to such a thing... On 17/11/2021, the US Secretary of State, Blinken was on a week-long visit to Kenya as part of his African tour that also included Nigeria and Senegal. He said while in the Nigerian capital: "Governments are becoming less transparent. “We see this happening across Africa – leaders ignoring term limits, rigging or postponing elections, exploiting social grievances to gain and maintain power, arresting opposition figures, cracking down on the media, and allowing security services to enforce pandemic restrictions with brutality. (Asharq Al-Awsat 21/11/2021).

In the same way, Kenyatta's party bases were working to rally support for Ruto, with an internal agreement in the party among the agents who knew the game and elected Ruto despite pretending to oppose him.

9- Many African countries under European influence, including Kenya and Senegal, are working to strengthen China in the face of America, which is working to extend its influence in it. Senegal, under French influence, strengthens its relations with China. It hosted the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in its capital, Dakar, between 29-30/11/2021. Senegalese Foreign Minister Aissata Tal Sall said, "We have sovereign diplomacy from which we do not exclude anyone." While America's influence in Africa remains limited in contrast to the British and French influence, it works to strengthen it by various means and works to compete with China's economic influence with which Britain and France are strengthening to fortify their agents in Africa. Recently, Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Kenya on 6/1/2022, and met with President Kenyatta, who said: "China is not only a sincere friend of Kenya, but also a development partner of close cooperation... Kenya's development achievements would not have been achieved without China's strong support...Kenya is willing to further deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with China to achieve common development," while Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, "China is willing to strengthen all-round cooperation with Kenya to help it enhance its self-development capabilities, accelerate industrialization and promote Solidarity and coordination with it in international and multilateral affairs.” Wang presented the “Peaceful Development Initiative in the Horn of Africa.” Kenyatta said, “The initiative meets the urgent needs of the countries of the Horn of Africa, and Kenya agrees to play a role in this regard” (Xinhua 6/1/2022). All his upsets America, which is working to undermine European influence in Africa and is also working to limit the growing power of China.

10- In conclusion: The British influence is still strong in Kenya and most of the political players are its agents. It unites them when the need arises and divides them when necessary. If there must be an agreement between its agents and America’s agents, and then it shares power with them while holding it in control, it does so and instructs its agents to reconcile and conclude an agreement in this regard. And if it manages to install its agent Ruto in power and manages to silence the opposition, then it does not instruct its agent to do so, for they are at its disposal and are merely seeking authority, just like America’s agents. This is the tradition of agents in every country. As for America, it will not leave the arena and will work to strengthen its influence in Kenya. It is not concerned with the bloodshed, chaos and unrest in it and in other African countries. It operates in various means and methods, whether it is economic, political, security or military, and it works to win agents in these two sectors, under the name of security investment and assistance in training the army and security forces. Then it works and prepares coups, as it did in Mali, or provoke rebellions as it did in Chad, and the rebellion led to the killing of France's agent, Idriss Deby.

Thus, these countries, and most of them are Islamic countries, remain an arena for international conflict, especially between America, Britain and France. There is no hope for this country to get rid of this colonial conflict that makes it backward and is one of the richest countries in wealth, except with the return of the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood. The Messenger of Allah (saw) gave its glad-tiding that it would be established, saying:

«ثُمَّ تَكُونُ خِلَافَةٌ عَلَى مِنْهَاجِ النُّبُوَّةِ» “Then there will be a Khilafah (Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood.” [Extracted by Ahmad].

1 Safar Al-Khair 1444 AH
28/8/2022 CE

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