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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

NCNo Celebration for Betrayal of Victories!


President Erdoğan issued a congratulatory message on the occasion of August 30 Victory Day. Erdoğan used the following expressions in his message:

"In the words of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Victory of August 30th is “a great work that has once again determined in history the supreme power and heroism of the Turkish Army, Turkish officers and command staff”. With this victory, which is the immortal monument of the Turkish Nation's idea of freedom and independence, our nation declared to the whole world that it would not let its will be subjugated. On this occasion, I once again remember Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, the founder of our Republic, the Commander-in-Chief of the Great Offensive, and his comrades-in-arms with gratitude, and I pray that Allah may have mercy on all our martyrs and veterans.” (Agencies 30.08.2023)


The Republic of Türkiye, which was founded on the ruins of the Ottoman Caliphate State, is a country of official holidays. The secular republic regime, which was established despite the religion of the people and has not achieved any significant success against the kafir states hostile to Türkiye since its establishment, celebrates victory by appropriating the heroic stories of Muslims in history with lies and distortion. The 30 August Victory Day, which has been stripped of its meaning and spirit, is one of these holidays and has been celebrated officially since 1935.

Undoubtedly, it is not possible to reveal the true face of history in an article. However, it is a known fact that all the wars fought until the declaration of the republic were fought for the sake of Islam and the Khilafah. The lands of Anatolia, which were occupied by the Allied Powers under the command of the British, were liberated from occupation as a result of the resistance of Muslim peoples consisting of many nations from east to west as a whole. In this war, which is called the "War of Independence" in history books and lasted for about four years, Muslims acted with the spirit of Islam and fought against the kuffar with the understanding of jihad. The tombstones in the Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial with their names and hometowns are still living witnesses.

The last ring of this struggle, the battle known as the Field Battle of the Commander-in-Chief, was fought against the Greeks under the control of the British. The offensive started on August 26, 1922 against the Greeks who occupied Izmir and its surroundings. When the date showed August 30, the Greeks retreated by destroying the places they passed. Afterwards, the Greeks completely left the Anatolian lands. In this war, in addition to the sincere struggle of the soldiers, a deliberate game of the British was also on the stage. On the one hand, the British wanted to disqualify France, Italy and the Greeks, with whom they had entered the war, and to have the sole say over the Ottoman remnant, and on the other hand, they wanted to take M. Kemal, who participated in this war as commander-in-chief, on their side by brightening him. Therefore, the withdrawal of the Greeks was requested by Britain itself.

However, even if there is cheating involved, there is a victory won. If it is to be commemorated, it should be commemorated in accordance with its spirit. But this victory, like Gallipoli and many others, has been perverted from its spirit and purpose. First of all, in this victory, almost all of the success is attributed to M. Kemal and the founding cadre of the Republic, which was what was intended that day. Secondly, the children of Muslims who fought and sacrificed their life in these wars were not only Turks. Thirdly, the Muslims who sacrificed their life on the fronts and the people who gave all kinds of support behind the fronts fought with the spirit of Islam and for Islamic values. However, in history books and in anniversaries of this victory, praise for the founding cadre of the Republic and Turkish nationality is prominent. It is even emphasized that the battle was fought only with the spirit of Turkishness and for the Republic and secularism.

President Erdogan's message this year uses the same misleading language, praising the officers and command staff of the Turkish army, but making no mention of Islam and the Khilafah, for which Muslims fought and were martyred. What Erdogan is doing is outright deceiving the Muslims who supported him in order to free themselves from Kemalist ideas and impositions. As Rasulullah (saw) said, those who deceive Muslims are not of them. Rasulullah (saw) also said: «مَا مِنْ عَبْدٍ يَسْتَرْعِيهِ اللَّهُ رَعِيَّةً يَمُوتُ يَوْمَ يَمُوتُ وَهُوَ غَاشٌّ لِرَعِيَّتِهِ إلا حرم الله عليه الجنة»“If Allah appointed anyone ruler over a people and he died while he was still treacherous to his people, Allah would forbid his entry into Paradise.” (Muslim 142)

Finally, based on the expressions of "glorious army" and "strong army" that are highlighted every August 30th celebrations, it is essential that we ask the following questions. If we are really talking about a glorious and powerful army as claimed - and it is indeed a glorious and powerful army - why is this army not going to the aid of Muslims? What is this army doing while Muslims are being massacred in Palestine, Syria, Kashmir, East Turkistan, Arakan, etc.? How can it hold its place as a "prophet's home"? How can this army, whose soldiers are characterized as "Mehmetçik" [Turkish soldier], be part of the crusader kafir NATO?

The answer to these questions must be sought in the structure of the false republican regime that was established on the blood of Muslims and the treachery of the rulers who guard it. Because no matter how powerful you are, as long as your strings are pulled by the kuffar, "glory" will only be a source of pride that remains in the beautiful pages of history, and your power will be against the Muslims, not for them.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Muhammed Emin Yıldırım


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