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The Rulers of the Capitalist System Have A Great Cunning In Deceiving People


President Erdogan, in the statements he made after the Presidential Cabinet Meeting, announced that the debts of 5.5 million people who are under enforcement proceedings will be erased. Thus, the citizens will liquidate their debts of 2 thousand liras and below, which are subject to enforcement proceedings. (Source: News Agencies)


Before the upcoming 2023 presidential elections, President Erdogan is taking a number of steps to raise his falling vote and win the election. He shamelessly gives the great news that the debts of 5.5 million people will be erased as a great gospel. However, the number of execution files, which was 8 million in 2008, has increased 3 times since then and has reached 24 million. According to UYAP data, as of March 19, 2022, the total number of open execution files broke a record by seeing the level of 23 million 525 thousand.

The rulers at the head of the capitalist system have great dexterity and cunning in deceiving and manipulating people. This feature has become their character. They show even a small crumb that they give to their people as if it were a great success. Furthermore they are proud of it. They advertise, they want to be talked about in the press and media for days. With such steps, the government wants to place in society the understanding that it is concerned about the problems of the people and solves the problems of the people.

However, while people today find it difficult to meet even their most basic needs, the government's almost daily increase in basic necessities is forcing people's livelihood day by day. This step taken by the government is not enough to solve the economic problems of the people. In Turkey today, the minimum wage is 5500 liras, while the hunger limit is about 7 thousand liras, the poverty line is 22 thousand liras, the cancellation of the debt of 2 thousand liras of 5.5 million people who are under enforcement proceedings in a period when the debt is a drop in the bucket.

On one hand the government avoids people with minor things, on the other hand it wipes out billions of liras of debt of big companies and transfers all state resources to them as if it were not enough. In the same way, under the name of privatization, it is chasing public goods to capitalist companies. While the managers are getting richer every day, the profits of the banks that exploit the public and make money from the money reach 500%, while the public, on the other hand, is getting poorer every day.

However, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati, in a statement he made in recent months, said that in 2002, when the AK Party came to power, 1 million families received state assistance, and in 2021, this figure increased to 4.3 million.

The Minister of Treasury and Finance Nebati proudly mentions that people receiving social assistance from the state are increasing, while on the other hand, he does not mention that the number of poor people in society is increasing every day. Again, President Erdogan gives as a great good news that people are unable to pay their debts due to the increase in enforcement files day by day, and then the introduction of amnesty for debts. But these do not salve people's wounds. However, what should happen is not for 1 million families to receive assistance from the state or to erase their foreclosure debts, but to reduce the number of unemployed, poor people and to determine policies aimed to meet the basic needs of even a single individual in society. This is not possible with the economic order of the corrupt capitalist system, but with the application of the Islamic economic order.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Yılmaz ÇELİK

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