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 News Review 15/11/2023

Hamas Hostage Deal Close

Hamas’s armed wing said Monday that it discussed with Qatari mediators a deal to free up to 70 ‘Israeli’ hostages in exchange for a five-day ceasefire and the release of some Palestinian prisoners. “Last week there was an effort from the Qatari brothers to release the enemy captives from women and children, in return for the release of 200 Palestinian children and 75 women detained by the enemy,” said Abu Ubaida, spokesman for al-Qassam Brigades, according to Reuters. David Ignatius of The Washington Post reported that ‘Israel’ and Hamas are close to a hostage deal that would free most ‘Israeli’ women and children. “The general outline of the deal is understood.”

Jordan Arrests 25 Planning Pro-Gaza Sit-In

Jordanian security forces arrested 25 men at various locations who were planning to hold a sit-in over the Zionist entity continuing bombardment of Gaza at a mosque near Jordan's border with Palestine. Among those arrested were university students, pharmacists and doctors and 12 members of the Islamic Action Front, the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm in Jordan and the kingdom's largest opposition party. In footage shared on social media, Jordanian security forces wearing masks are seen arresting a man near the University of Jordan in Amman. Others were said to have been taken from their homes and places of business. Minister of State for Media Affairs and government spokesperson Muhannad Mubaidin told Middle East Eye that authorities had been "clear from the beginning" that sit-ins were not allowed near the border. “The border is supervised by the Jordanian Arab Army, and no citizen is allowed to approach it, or demonstrate there,” Mubaidin said. Murad al-Adaileh, secretary-general of the Islamic Action Front party also said that since the start of the war, more than a thousand Jordanians have been arrested over their protests, many of whom were released. "It seems that the Jordanian authorities can no longer tolerate these demonstrations in the street although the number of hospitalisations is rising in Gaza, there are 40,000 wounded, and the occupation continues to destroy hospitals," he said.

Egypt Rejects Iranian Aid for Gaza at ‘Israel's’ Request

Egypt has allegedly accepted ‘Israel’s’ demands to block the delivery of 60 tons of humanitarian aid sent from Iran for the people of Gaza on 13 November. According to political sources speaking on the condition of anonymity who spoke with Al-Mayadeen, Egyptian authorities “politely refused” the aid from Tehran, which included food, medical supplies, and medicines, due to requests from Tel Aviv. This decision comes after Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi made a statement during the Joint Arab Islamic Extraordinary Summit in Riyadh that Muslims “should stand together” during these times of crisis in Palestine.

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