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Muslims in Denmark are being shamelessly blamed for spread of Coronavirus by the Prime Minister


A few weeks ago, on the 15th of August 2020, the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen said during a press conference, which was broadcasted by Danish Radio regarding the spread of the Corona-virus in Denmark:

"When we look soberly at the number of infections, there are simply too many people with non-Western backgrounds who are infected”. The term "non-western immigrants" has in Denmark been made synonymous with Muslims.

The Liberal Party's deputy chairman, Inger Støjberg, continued in the same spirit and declared that Muslims should be treated with coercion, as they themselves cannot figure out how to behave properly: "Otherwise, these people could be forcibly admitted," she said.


The fact that the Danish Prime Minister designates Muslims as scapegoats in a speech to the whole nation is nothing but a low and hateful attack. It is nothing but hateful and groundless propaganda, whose sole purpose is to incite division and further radicalization of the Danish population.

The Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, pours petrol on the fire that was first ignited by the right wing. The Danish politicians are shamelessly blaming the Muslims in Denmark due to the increase in the corona infection in certain areas, especially in the city of Aarhus.

It comes at a time when the coronavirus' second wave is spreading across national borders without discriminating between ethnicity and culture, which has led to several countries being forced to roll back their reopening strategies. While the world is screaming for change and racism is shaping the societal debate, it seems that the politicians of this country cannot deny their racist view of humanity.

But all this hateful rhetoric and criminalization of Muslims makes absolutely no sense if one asks experts in the field. Despite the increased infection rates among some Muslim groups, the Danish Agency for Patient Safety does not believe that conclusions can be drawn about certain population groups: "The conclusion is that there are many different places where the infection flares up, and that it is not only certain population groups that are affected." (BT 11 / 8-2020)

Not long after the Danish politicians blamed Muslims for being the reason for the outbreaks, the ugly face of racism showed up everywhere. Customers have been calling traffic companies expressing concerned about drivers with a Somali background.

A kindergarten in Aarhus forbade a Somali woman from handing over her child because of fear of Coronavirus. Also, a social and health worker, who is originally from Sri Lanka, was verbally attacked on the beach a few days ago because she was thought to be to blame for the outbreaks in the local area.

The Prime Minister and her colleagues in the Danish Parliament are of course aware of these reports and their conclusions, but the driving force for these politicians has never been to carry the truth to their people.

Instead, it is their hatred of Islam and the Muslims that drives them to distort reality in order to justify prohibition policies aimed at the Muslims in the country. The aim is to deprive Muslims of their values and identity and to make Muslims scapegoats for the erroneous decisions made by politicians since the Coronavirus hit the world.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Abdul-Rahman Ljuca

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