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Ideological Questions

Ideological Questions (62)

Answer to Question: The Assassination of the Nuclear Scientist Fakhrizadeh


On 6/12/2020, France 24 quoted Brigadier General Ali Fadawi, Deputy Commander of the Revolutionary Guards: “the assassination of the nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was carried out by firing 13 bullets from a machine gun that was focusing on Zada's face with an advanced camera with the help of artificial intelligence.”


Ameer's Q & A: Ijmaa’ is a Hadith which the Sahaabah did not Narrate

I have a question regarding inferring from the consensus (Ijmaa') of the Sahaabah with evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah; as came in the Islamic Personality, Volume III that the considered consensus of the Sahaabah (Companions) is only their consensus that a certain verdict (Hukm) is a Shar'i verdict, for it shows that there is a Shar'i evidence for this verdict, and that they had narrated the verdict and didn't narrate the evidence.


Ameer's Q & A: The Reality of Tabarruj in Details

Question Pipit Meidawati:

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baarakaatuh

I pray may Allah always protects and helps you. La'ala Allahu yusahhil umuuraka.

I'd like to ask about tabbaruj. How do we define it and apply it? what I know is that tabbaruj means reveals charms in front of strange man. then attract them to watch, even stare at us. It also depends on habits/tradition/urf.


Ameer's Q & A: Claiming a Right Stipulated by non-Islamic Law

The law obliges the employer to abide by laws concerning workers and their rights, but the employer evades compliance with the law. In the work crisis and the greed of employers, the worker’s rights are lost, and he cannot claim his right except through the law that obliges the employer to pay the rights of the worker as stipulated by the law.


Question and Answer: The Ramifications of the Coronavirus

China announced for the first time on 4/1/2020, especially in Wuhan, that dozens of people were infected with Coronavirus disease, named COVID-19, then it spread to almost all the countries of the world, and many countries imposed closure of the borders and curfew, and then they stopped the Friday and congregational prayers. This disease gave a blow to the global economy, and America began to exchange accusations with China.


Ameer's Q & A: Endowment (Waqf) of the Tax (al-Kharaajiyyah) Land

Allah bless you and benefit us with your knowledge. Kindly our sheikh I have two questions: The first: What is the evidence that in the endowment (Waqf), it is required that the person who makes Waqf be the owner of the Ayn (object) of the endowed property? Second: Are there Shari’ rules other than the endowment (Waqf) that differentiate the disposition of the ‘Ushriyyah land and the Kharajjiyah land? May Allah bless us and our party in your life and health, and may Allah open up at your hands.

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