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 News Right Now: The Babri Masjid Verdict

Welcome to News Right Now - The Babri Masjid Verdict

The Indian Supreme Court recently handed over the Babri Masjid to Hindu groups to build temples on two thirds of the grounds of the former masjid. Hindus will now be able to reconstruct a temple for their so-called lord, Ram - codifying into law that mystical matters of belief, devoid of actual proof, trump citizenship and property rights - especially as it relates to Muslims in India.

The Babri Masjid existed as a masjid for over 450 years, until Hindus planted idols of their lord Ram in it in 1949, claiming that it was the birth-place of their warrior lord Ram before the masjid existed. Then in 1992, the masjid was demolished by Hindu mobs, triggering savagery and violence across the country, leaving 2000 people dead, most of whom were Muslim.

The Babri Masjid incident touches a very sensitive nerve with Muslims, not only in India, but around the world because of the savagery and bloodshed that followed. Savagery that went mostly unpunished. The current Hindu-nationalist BJP party that runs India has made the life of Muslims in India a nightmare, banning the sale of beef, turning a blind eye to Hindu mobs murdering Muslims, punishing Muslims who accuse Hindus of mistreatment, and of course torturing and occupying the Muslims of Kashmir. Muslims across India are fearful of the ominous precedent that this sets.

The verdict is a jewel in the crown of Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister who rose to power fervently advocating Hindu-nationalism, fueling a surge of violence and injustice against India’s Muslims. Muslims from Hizb ut-Tahrir in neighboring Bangladesh protested the verdict stating that the Hindu extremists in India are making their moves with America’s full support, solidifying India as a major player in the region - namely to counter China’s influence.

The speakers also called out Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina for her complete betrayal of the Muslims in India when she referred to the Babri Masjid verdict as an “internal matter” for India. Her comment is no surprise as she is known to be subservient to the India regime, aiding and advancing the aims of the Western imperialists. The Babri Masjid, like Masjid al-Aqsa in Palestine was taken by political force, which begs the question, what political authority is there that will protect the interests of Muslims?

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