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Headline News 28/09/2022


  • Erdogan to Normalise Relations with Syria


Russian Pipeline Attacked


Russia Considering Closing Border

  • Details:

Erdogan to Normalise Relations with Syria

Turkish media have reported that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told members of his own party that he was disappointed he did not have a chance to meet with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad at the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit earlier in September. Erdogan's statement followed reports that Turkey's national intelligence chief has been meeting with his Syrian counterpart as recently as mid-September. Erdogan’s position has never been fixed over Syria and has constantly changed, whilst Erdogan spoke of Bashar al-Assad removal he eventually moved away from such rhetoric. But since the UAE hosted the al-Assad in Dubai in 2021, and since Egypt called for Syria's re-entry into the Arab League, Erdogan’s rhetoric has also changed. Erdogan is now moving from covert acceptance to open cooperation with Bashar al-Assad. Whilst Erdogan presents himself as a saviour of Muslims around the world, his politics is very far from that.

Russian Pipeline Attacked

Seismologists have reported underwater blasts under the Baltic Sea as leaks emerged from the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The operator of Nord Stream 1 said the undersea lines had simultaneously sustained "unprecedented" damage. Whilst the operators of Nord Stream 2 warned of a loss of pressure in the pipeline that led to a warning from Danish authorities that ships should avoid the area near the island of Bornholm. Accusations began straight away with Ukraine blaming Russia for attacking its own pipeline, the pipeline that Russia shutdown two weeks ago. Russia blamed Ukraine, but Ukraine has Russian pipelines going through its territory which would be far easier to sabotage. Whatever the outcome. This would be the first attack on infrastructure outside the theatre of war. A major escalation.

Russia Considering Closing Border

Russian authorities are reportedly considering closing the country's border. Since the announcement of a partial mobilisation many who fall into this category have attempted to leave the country. Russia has a desperate need for soldiers as it needs to hold the line in Ukraine. But since the loss of Kharkiv, Russia has now carried out annexations of Ukraine’s Eastern oblasts, Russia will need soldiers to hold these territories. The effectiveness of mobilised soldiers is questionable as they will be of low morale and therefore ineffective soldiers.

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